Load Showreel (2010 - 2013)

Sin City Tribute

Photo, Art · 2014

Eine Hommage an Sin City.

Fruit Splash

Photo · 2014

Obst und Gemüse mit dem Sprung ins Wasser.

Melting Skin

Photo · 2014

Flüssig-Latex Photoshooting im Studio.

Raven Queen

Photo · 2014

Outfit von Alexandra Solowksi.


Photo · 2014

Outfit von Alexandra Solowksi.

Steam up North

Art · Jul 2014

Photoshop Composing practice.

Do you even lift?

Photo · May 2014

Fitness photo shooting with hard light and strong contrasts.


Photo · Feb 2014

Action-shooting with some photoshop post-production.

Up in the Sky

Art · Feb 2014

A city in the sky created with free resources and my own 3D work.


Logo · Jan 2014

Logo and flyer created for an advertisement work station at HS Mannheim.


Misc · 2013

A motion-film for my 3D class. Created completely in Cinema4D.


Art · Dec 2013

Used free stock images for a personal photoshop composing.


Photo · Nov 2013

Black and white celebrity shooting.

Deutschlands Seen

Misc · Oct 2013

Infographic contains and compares the nine biggest lakes of Germany.


Photo · Aug 2013

Nasty bodyslime shots.

Return to Hoth

Photo, Art · Jul 2013

Tribute for all the Star Wars fans. Mixed my own photography and 3D lightsaber with free stock images.